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A natural and holistic approach to healthcare

Specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

is the world’s oldest continuous system of medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture and herbal medicine and associated techniques such as moxa, cupping, gua sha and massage. In the hands of well-trained practitioners, these techniques offer you safe and effective healthcare options.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

At The Health Clinic

we tailor every treatment for each client’s specific needs.

We use TCM to strengthen the qì when it’s weak, unblock stagnation, harmonize its influences and dynamics and help to maintain overall health.

Our Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Techniques

Our treatments work to adjust and maintain your qì in a dynamic and healthy state. Acupuncture does this from the outside, using a combination of needles and moxa, Chinese herbal medicine works on the inside, using specially prepared herbs. Our treatments can strengthen the qì when it’s weak.

At The Health Clinic we have extensive experience dealing with woman’s health, male and female fertility, digestive and respiratory conditions, skin allergies and other dermatological issues, anxiety/stress or emotional concernssleep problems, and musculoskeletal injuries. We can also offer cosmetic packages, for more information, please contact the clinic direct.

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Unblock Stagnation

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Harmonize Qì Influences and Dynamics

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Help Maintain Overall Health



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Stimulation of certain acu points on your body with single use needles.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Identifying how your body is out of balance and restoring the harmony.


The burning of mugwort leaves on or near your body’s meridians and acupuncture points.


Suction cups that stimulate healing.

Gua Sha

A smooth edged tool applied to the skin, assisting in blood flow.

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